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  1. [2019] NZEmpC 65 Rayner v Director-General of Health [PDF, 795 KB]

    [2019] NZEmpC 65 Rayner v Director-General of Health (Judgment of Judge B A Corkill, 27 May 2019) UNJUSTIFIED DISMISSAL – UNJUSTIFIED SUSPENSION – employee investigated for fraudulent qualifications – refusal to participate in employer investigation for privacy reasons – breach of privacy – remedies – compensation bands – whether reinstatement reasonable and practicable – tense relationship with managers after investigation process.

  2. [2019] NZEmpC 59 Kazemi v Rightway Ltd [PDF, 446 KB]

    [2019] NZEmpC 59 Kazemi v Rightway Ltd (Judgment of Judge J C Holden, 15 May 2019) Judgment reissued with new judgment number [2019] NZEmpC 73 and dated 11 June 2019 EMPLOYMENT PREMIUM – employee needed to pay $125,000 as buy-in fee to partnership scheme – test for whether a premium applied – whether benefit gained aside from employment – misrepresentation – breach of contract – whether contract is illegal – penalty imposed – costs.