Judicial complaints process

To complain about the conduct of a judge of the Employment Court, you should write to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner.

The complaints process cannot be used to complain about a judge's decision. Disagreements with judges' decisions are dealt with through the judicial system. The decision may be able to be appealed or judicially reviewed by the Court of Appeal.

After the investigation the Commissioner may:

  • dismiss the complaint and take no further action in respect of it or
  • refer the complaint to the Chief Judge of the Employment Court if the Commissioner has concerns but not enough to remove a judge. The Chief Judge will consider the complaint and take appropriate actions or
  • recommend that the Attorney-General appoint a Judicial Conduct Panel if the Commissioner believes an inquiry is necessary and may justify the removal of the judge.

The process is explained in the Judicial Conduct Commissioner website(external link) and Judicial Conduct Panel Act 2004(external link).

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