Access to Court documents

Obtaining a copy of my file or a document from my file

To get a copy of your file or a document from your file contact the registry of the Employment Court.

Obtaining a copy of another person’s file or a document from another person’s file

To ask for a copy of another person’s file or a document from another person’s file you must apply to the registry and tell us your grounds and reasons for your request (this includes the media). The registrar or a judge will decide if you can have it.

Fill in the application for access to court documents form [PDF, 1.3 MB] and send it to the registry.

Search the Employment Court register

If you want us to search the Employment Court's register, we need you to send a search request and pay the fee:

  • $30 for the search (first name or case search)
  • $5 for every subsequent name or case searched.

Ways to submit search request and pay search fee


Access File and Pay(external link)

The portal allows up to 10 names/cases to be sent through at a time.  The service is based on the number of times it is selected during a transaction, starting at $30 and changing to $5 for all other times it is selected.

In practical terms, participants who have a list of names/cases will have to select one for each name/case they wish to search. This will allow up to 10 names/cases to be sent through at a time.

If the participant has a larger list, they will need to do another transaction. The service has been designed in such a way that the participant will still only be charged $5 per search for the next transaction.

If you encounter any problems with the payment or if you have any questions regarding the portal, please contact File and Pay(external link).

For other inquiries contact the appropriate registry(external link).

Internet banking (direct credit)

Fill in the search request form [PDF, 83 KB]

To make your payment by direct credit, please use the bank account information and payment reference provided below: 

  • Pay the money into Westpac account 03-0049-0001063-00.

  • Include the reference 150000 + your surname or company name

  • Tell the appropriate Employment Court registry that you have made the payment.

Please note: The search will not be able to be confirmed until the receipt of the fee is confirmed as received, which would normally be on the morning of the next working day. However, if the receipt of the fee is confirmed the application will be recorded as filed on the date the fee was paid.

  • It is the responsibility of the payer to confirm that the details of the payment are communicated to the registry staff in the appropriate Employment Court.

  • The inclusion of adequate identifying information on the payment is also the responsibility of the payer.

In person

Fill in the search request form [PDF, 83 KB]

You can pay the required fee either in cash or using EFTPOS, debit or credit card at the court counter (please do not send cash in the post).

Obtaining a copy of a document from an archived file

The registry keeps files on site for at least 10 years and older files are archived with Archives New Zealand.

If you need a document from an archived file please contact the registry. To help us find the file quickly tell us as many details you know (for example: parties’ names, file number, the registry a file was held in).

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