Jurisdiction of the Employment Court

The Employment Court can hear all matters relating to employment disputes. Cases come to Court either directly (such as strikes or lockouts) or after the parties have been to the Employment Relations Authority. The Employment Court is a court of record and has standing equal to the High Court of New Zealand.

The Court deals with many issues including:1

  • Challenges from the Employment Relations Authority - relating to either the whole determination, or only to certain issues
  • Industrial action such as strikes, lockouts, or related picketing, including injunctions
  • Reviews about how various people have exercised, refused, proposed or purported to exercise any of their powers under the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Proceedings referred or removed to the Court by the Employment Relations Authority
  • When an individual seeks a declaration of whether or not they are an employee
  • When people are alleged to have committed offences under the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Applications for freezing and search orders
  • Enforcement of order.


  1. s187 Employment Relations Act 2000(external link)

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