Judgments of note 2021

[2021] NZEmpC 35 Radford v Chief of New Zealand Defence Force [PDF, 422 KB] (Judgment of the full Court, 24 March 2021) JURISDICTION – place of employment was Washington DC – agreement provided for US law to apply but imported concepts from New Zealand employment law – employee was not part of the Civil Staff  under the Defence Act – US law applies to agreement but with consideration of Employment Relations Act 2000 – Authority has jurisdiction to hear the case – New Zealand is the appropriate forum for the dispute.

[2021] NZEmpC 8 Commissioner of Police v New Zealand Police Assoc Inc [PDF, 464 KB] (Judgment of Judge B A Corkill, 11 February 2021) COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT – INTERPRETATION – whether employees entitled to motor vehicle reimbursement – reimbursement clause applies to all instances of rotation – entitlement applies when appointment to temporary role whether initiated by employee or employer – entitlement also applies for employee assigned to multiple places of work.