Apply to the Employment Court alternative text

Talk with your employer

Try to agree how to fix it as soon as there’s a problem. If you need advice call 0800 209 020.

Raise a personal grievance

A personal grievance needs to be raised within 90 days of when the problem happened (or came to your attention).

Learn about a personal grievance(external link)

Learn how to resolve an employment relationship problem(external link)

Go to mediation

Call 0800 209 020 to organise mediation.

Learn about mediation(external link)

File a "statement of problem" with the Employment Relations Authority

After investigating your problem, the Authority will issue an oral or written determination.

File a statement of problem with the Employment Relations Authority(external link)

Do you disagree with the Authority’s determination? If so, see "File a challenge".

File a challenge with the Employment Court

A challenge needs to be filed within 28 days of the Authority’s determination. File the challenge at the registry closest to the Authority office that made the determination.

File a challenge with the Employment Court

Defend a challenge?

If the other party has filed a challenge, you have 30 days (from when you received the challenge) to file a statement of defence.

If you received the challenge find out how to defend it

Disclose documents and resolve any procedural issues

You and the other ‘party’ (the other person or organisation) ask each other for access to relevant documents.

Learn about document disclosure

Learn about other procedural issues

Learn about what happens at the Employment Court

Find out what happens before a hearing, such as what documents need to be filed

Find out what happens during a hearing

Find out what happens after a hearing, such as receiving the judgment, costs, enforcement and how to appeal